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Ես ուզում եմ շնորհակալություն հայտնել Դորիսին` բլոգս այսպես բարի և կատարելապես ներկայացնելու ու ջերմ խոսքերի համար / I want to thank Doris for Her warm words addressed to my blog as well as for introducing my blog so kindly and perfectly.

Originally posted on the terrain of symmetry:

I have been nominated for the Blog of the Year Award – 2012 by two friends at the same time in a week of so many awards, wanted to Thank Manu you can check the award here andStefan here is the second award here. I do award differently, I am going to nominate a traveler, a poet, and two book writers (one just won NanoWrimo)…

(please visit them, just click on the photos to see the real blog post and you will see why I select them)

1. Manu Kurup he is a traveler, very creative writer, and amazing photographer who should go professional…



The old books in the cupboard
started arising
brown dust
and a familiar smell
when moved. 
Will the tall trees near
the post-office
shed memories when Swayed?
Will the wet brown road
down the stream
re-create those foot-steps?

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Welcome to "Arlen Shahverdyan: Author's Blog". Here You can find Armenian Writer/Poet, Painter, Blogger Arlen Shahverdyan's Books, Poems, Paintings, Photos, Thoughts, Posts, Articles, etc.: The main content of this Blog is Creative as well as Environmental. Read more on Profile in "Blog's in brief" page.
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6 Responses to

  1. catnipoflife says:

    Arlen, sent you several messages via comments today but wanted to let you know this post displays the English :-)

  2. Doris says:

    Thank you Arlen for the re-blog you deserved many awards my friend, like always you are so sweet and kind thank you for inspiring me and for being my friend.

    • Thank you dear Doris for your nice answer-comment.
      As I told you I reblogged your perfect post here! I wanted my readers to know more about this post as well as about all the posts of your wonderful blog, which is always very interesting, very new, unique and with sensitive touch to readers’ souls. Thank you for your nice and creative work.


      • Doris says:

        Well you readers did respond there are 70 likes in that post it use to be much less than that, it says a lot about you and your followers, I am glad you have great followers Arlen. Many did checked my blog thank you Arlen, I am so happy to be friends with you, and what can I say about you, you do it all a creative soul, thanks again Arlen.


      • Dear Doris, I am happy to be friends with you too! Thank you so much for your words, ther inspire me. You are very gentle person with deep and tender soul. Thank you again for the sincere friendship.


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